DC Vs. Mortal Kombat 2: Age of Darkness (a.k.a DCvMK2) is the sequel to DCvMK. It features 3 brand new characters: Skullock, Cactus, and Armageddon.


DC Mortal Kombat
Captain Cold Shang-Tsung
Booster Gold Cactus
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Blaze
Minion Ermac
The Protector Noob Saibot
General Immortus Mileena
Vox Taven
The Spectre Kitana
Beast Boy Mokap
Superman Scorpion
Mammoth Skarlet
Psimon Jax Briggs
Pantha Rain
Fiddler Sonya Blade
Solstice Havik
Bumblebee Johnny Cage
Killer Wasp Shao-Kahn
OMAC Smoke
Synnar Sub-Zero
Baron Gestapo Quan-Chi
Batman Skullock
Red X Liu-Kang
Raven Kenshi
Mongol Nightwolf
Two-Face Taven
Steel Goro
Wildcat (Yolanda Montez) Moloch
Wildcat (Ted Grant) Kano

Final BossEdit

Armageddon was created for this game. He later appears in Mortal Kombat: Revenge as a sub-boss. After defeating Armageddon, every character gets the same ending.


A wandering anti-hero, doomed to an eternity of killing those who have killed innocents as a being named "Skullock", accidentally awakens the demon known as Armageddon. Armaggedon begins draining life from the Earth, so Skullock recruits several heroes and villains, from both universes, to help him defeat Armageddon. Meanwhile, Armageddon finds a way to open a portal beween dimensions, putting both universes in danger. Now the heroes must fight to defeat Armageddon and save the Earth! After defeating Armageddon, the heroes return to there own universe.

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