Location Outworld
Games Mortal Kombat X

About DungeonEdit

The Dungeon a underground and grim prison where war prisoners are kept if not publicly executed for specific reasons. This stage appeared in Mortal Kombat X  as DLC among The Treachery Pack. It is located in an undisclosed location somewhere in Outworld.


The Dungeon is located somewhere underneath Z'Unkahrah, Outworld. The cells hold war criminals, frequently torchered by prison guards. Not that many inmates are kept here as most acts of treason are punished by death. These prisoners, however, were treated lightly (by Outworld's standards) by the court's jury and sentenced to life in prison. Inmates that qualify for a lighter sentence are of older age, young age, mentally unstable, and anyone else the court sees too weak to execute in front of a crowd.