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Fanon Kombat, The Mortal Kombat Fanon Wiki is a wiki for creating fanon fiction and games that mostly pertain to Mortal Kombat, created in 2012 by MortalGeek. Fanon is fiction, so this is a wiki about creating fake articles on games that you think of, and also fake stories that you think of. This wiki is a pool of creativity for fake games and stories on Mortal Kombat series and characters.

I'm going to make a Mortal Kombat vs. DC vs. Marvel vs. Street Fighter!!

Ah, now, before you go doing that, consider this - there will be several games of those types on the wiki. Unless the article is well made or introduces innovative new concepts to the series, your article will seem very unoriginal. Consider this before hopping into the wiki.

Then, what in blazes am I supposed to do??

This is where creativity thrives! See if you can come up with something new, that's never been done here. Do a little research into existing pages and maybe pull a little from ideas of those pages. Like it's says up there, don't just jump on a bandwagon, create your own idea for an original or unique Mortal Kombat game!

Can I make games not related to Mortal Kombat?

Have you ever considered reading the title?

Can I make Mortal Kombat comics here, too?

Oh, sure! Comics, choose-your-own-adventures, card or board games... we will accept and in fact thrive in any special formats of creativity you may have made work in!

What else can you show me?

Just remember to add categories to articles by typing at your page's bottom - replace the _s with what you'd want to categorize it as. Examples include Games, Series, Characters and Baby Waffles. (Use a new "Category:____" for each category!) (e.g. Sub-Zero is a Character so you would add the Category 'Characters'). Please use correct grammar in your articles so you and your articles will gain more respect and will not be deleted.

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