Mortal Kombat vs Jetix Universe is a crossover fighting game of Nertherrealm Studio's Mortal Kombat and Jetix franchise. Developed by NetherRealm Studios, Jetix VideoGaming and Warner Bros. Interactive and Published by EA Games and Ubisoft. The third crossover fighting game was the most collide the events of the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Mortal Kombat Vs Shonen Jump Universe.

Plot Edit

The rages have been consume all fighters was been evolved about collide in Mortal Kombat and Jetix Universe. Wrath of Paine Kahn have arrived and they will be collide both the universe, more that rage live what they done doing. Shao Kahn's force are ready to destroy our realms, living to fleshing of shokan and tarkatan are make to be unleashed to destroy earthrealm. Scorpion returns in netherrealm, to tell true was about murder his family and clan by Quan Chi. Raiden will reclamed to saved all realms was about destroy Shao Kahn's portal, again. Alexander Paine have plan to kill humanity, when the Jetix Alliance have fallen into underworld found, Dragon have left to crystal of deamon and Andy have destroy the horrormachine. Longer if will be desice himself, Axel will be revive our allies, they slay and destroy the Alexander Paine's portal.

Both universe will collide and two villains will fused up and they will consume the rage, live the most danger into world and will be evolved that rage. Paine Kahn have build new rage turn into wrath. When two world will colide and the most inclusion have merged the new wrath into ultimate wrath. The evolved "Super Kombat Rage" into "Kombat Wrath", to getting the "Ultimate Kombat Wrath", the most danger of multiverse have been merged and other characters have been used Kombat Wrath to more strongers and unleashed.

Kombatants Edit

Mortal Kombat vs. Jetix Universe features a base roster of 138 characters, haved playable 62 characters (31 each side), unlockable 68 characters (34 each side) and hidden/secret 8 characters (4 each side).

Mortal Kombat Side

Jetix Side

Liu Kang Axel Manning
Kung Lao Chiro
Raiden Dante Vale
Kitana Will Vandom
Cyrax Inspector Gadget
Scorpion Tutenstein
Sub-Zero Ed the Protector
Sindel Yin
Smoke Yang
Johnny Cage Mad Jack
Bo' Rai Cho Louie Anderson
Kabal Andy Larkin
Jade Eva Wei
Reptile Shade
Baraka Goth
Kenshi Dragon
Kano Tracker
Jax Briggs Quest
Nightwolf Jordan C. Wilde
Kurtis Stryker Abe
Goro Goliath
Sonya Blade Sam
Noob Saibot Tilian
Shang Tsung Maledictus T. Maggot
Havik Skeleton King
Mileena Valeena
Ermac Corror
Tremor Tick
Kintaro Flesh
Kotal Kahn Inneador
Sektor Obainer
Tanya Pucca
Rain Garu
D'Vorah Cathy Smith
Erron Black Terror Cowman
Drahmin Robeath
Li Mei Alli Berti
Moloch Maxxor
Sarah Nac Sharon Spitz
Mavado Red Ranger
Tri-Borg Spyker
Nightmare Skord
Knightware Urd'Va
Shujinko Ishedgo
Anubis Jacob
Kai Maritan Mystery
Reiko Ken
Jarek Yuck
Sheeva Demona
Frost Zhalia Moon
Li Mei Marina
Sareena Gerryn
Gore Youka
Atmosphere Nestor
Art Mn Blade Anna Maht
Penance Captain Flamingo
Vaatu Spite
Ormagam Doctor Claw
Zomex Agorrath
Wu Lae Spydah
Ferra & Torr Eracen
Quan Chi Kwonwati
Ancestor Xenhoid Tightmare
Blaze Powoirer
Shinnok Phobos Escanor
Undead General Eradicus
Orochi Hellbeast Chaor
Shao Kahn Alexander Paine
Onaga Cedric

Game/Menu Modes Edit

  • Story
  • Brawl
  • VS
  • Arcade Ladder
  • Training
  • Endurance
  • Tag Team
  • Survivor
  • Challange Tower
  • Character Creation
  • Krypt
  • Shop
  • Options
  • Extra