Teen Titans Vs. Mortal Kombat (a.k.a. TTvMK) is a fan-game by ElectricMayhem. The main villain is Lord Chaos, Wonder Girl's son in an alternate future timeline.


Teen Titans Mortal Kombat
Jinx Liu-Kang
Robin Johnny Cage
Raven Kitana


Herald Scorpion
Slade/Deathstroke Kano
Mammoth Shao-Kahn
Duela Dent (a.k.a. Joker's Daughter) Mileena
Blackfire Takeda
Cyborg Shang-Tsung
Starfire Havik
Beast Boy Noob Saibot
Terra Tremor
Arella Sub-zero
Kid Flash Sektor
Madame Rouge Jarek
Aqualad Raiden
Ravager Kenshi
Hot Spot Jax
Gizmo Erron Black
Argent Nightwolf
Red X Reiko
Mumbo Jumbo Reptile

Final BossEdit

Lord Chaos: The final boss of the game. After defeating him, the player will have to fight a character from there universe (Example: Mileena fights Taven, Raven fights Robin). After winning, the character gets an ending, which is non-canon, unless it's Shao-Kahn's ending, as that ending has nothing to do with any Teen Titans or the events of the game.

DLC Characters Edit

Teen Titans Mortal Kombat
Speedy Kung Jin
Kitten Hotaru
Gumball Watterson Jason Voorhees
Billy Numerous Stryker
Trigon Goro
Robotboy Springtrap/Toy Bonnie