Teen Titans Vs. Mortal Kombat (a.k.a. TTvMK) is a fan-game by ElectricMayhem. The main villain is Lord Chaos, Wonder Girl's son in an alternate future timeline.


Teen Titans Mortal Kombat
The Protector Liu-Kang
Robin Johnny Cage
Raven Kitana


Vox Scorpion
Psimon Kano
Mammoth Shao-Kahn
Duela Dent (a.k.a. Joker's Daughter) Mileena
Cyborg Shang-Tsung

Final BossEdit

Lord Chaos: The final boss of the game. After defeating him, the player will have to fight a character from there universe (Example: Mileena fights Taven, Raven fights Robin). After winning, the character gets an ending, which is non-canon, unless it's Shao-Kahn's ending, as that ending has nothing to do with any Teen Titans or the events of the game.

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