Ultimate DC Vs. Mortal Kombat is an updated version of DC Vs. Mortal Kombat 3. It has more arenas, more characters, and several other things. It also has gampelay modes from the original Mortal Kombat arcade games. "Injustice" is a free downloadable single-player/multi-player, team-based mode where players earn new abilities with upgrade cards, customize their characters with new powers, and compete in factions as either the Heroes defending Earth or as a part of Darkseid's Elite. The "ability cards", which feature various characters from the DC and MK universes, unlock special power-ups, such as invisibility, super armor, and projectile invincibility, for use during mode-specific combat. Up to three different cards may be equipped at once, with more than 100 cards available to collect.

New CharactersEdit

DC Mortal Kombat
Adam Strange Goro
The Flash (Barry Allen) Jarek
Green Arrow Jade
Firestorm Sektor
Captain Atom Scorpion
Timber Wolf Kabal

New StagesEdit

  • The Iceberg Lounge - A newer version of the Bludhaven stage from the previous thing. One of the only differences is that several Arkham Asylum inmates (Zsasz, Great White Shark, Harley Quinn) are running around in the background rather then members of the Court of Owls, a big igloo-shaped building in the background, and a billboard with the Penguin on it.
  • Hollywood - A huge city with running, screaming people in the background. In the backround you can see the famous Hollywood sign.
  • S.T.A.R. Labs Research Facility -
  • Dead Pool -
  • Great Hall -
  • Living Forest -
  • Themyscaira (Night-Time Version) -
  • Wayne Manor - A new version of the Wayne Enterprizes stage. The only difference is there is barely any people walking around, more trees and grass, and it is already dark out.
  • The Judas Contract - A new version of the Titans Tower stage. The only differences is it is night-time, there is a huge fire in the background, and you can see several unidentified costumed people running around.

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